Welcome to Apple Valley BBQ
in Parkdale Oregon

Northwest Style BBQ

Menu information

Our menus are available to view through the drop down menus at the top of this page.  The link below is a shortcut to our full menu. 


During peak season we will often use the lunch menu from 11am to 5pm.  

During our Peak season we do occasionally run out of our smoked meats, when this happens we do close.  Sorry for any inconvenience, but we serve slow food fast and when we run out it takes hours to prepare more for the next day.  

In an effort to best serve our customers here at the restaurant we do occasionally stop taking To-go orders while we get our seated customers served.  


Apple Valley BBQ

4956 Baseline Drive, Mount Hood Parkdale, Oregon 97041, United States

(541) 352-3554


Wednesday - Sunday 

11am to 8 pm

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About Us

BBQ in Parkdale Oregon??


BBQ in Parkdale Oregon?  

You can’t be serious?  Is it Texas Style? Kansas? Memphis? Carolina?  What is it?

We call it Northwest BBQ.  It’s traditional in the sense that we smoke all our meats with real cherry wood over indirect heat.  However, we are unlike any other BBQ joint around.  One of the things that sets apart is the use of cherry wood that we source from the many orchards in the Hood River Valley.  

Chef/Owner Justin White’s culinary background has taken him from the Florida Keys, to Boston, to the San Juan Islands and back to his home town of Hood River, Oregon.  In 2006 Justin took over the reins of the family business, Apple Valley Country Store, and soon after started doing BBQ on event weekends.  In 2011 Justin was able to fulfill his life long dream of opening his own restaurant in beautiful Parkdale, Oregon.

Justin pulled from all of his experience when creating this menu.  Part traditional BBQ, part family recipes, and a whole lot of love for food.  

Desserts are another one of Justin’s passions, we always offer a selection of our famous fruit pies and, when in season, specials like Pear Dumplings or Huckleberry Cinnamon rolls from Apple Valley Country Store.  In house, Sandi (your server) makes some of the most amazing creations you can find anywhere.  From the ever popular Chocolate ganache and Lemon cakes to creative and inspired ice cream cakes, fresh strawberry tarts and Porter Brownie Sundaes.  Don’t forget to ask your server about today’s dessert options.



We offer full service catering for parties of 75 people or more and pick-up options for all size groups including equipment rentals.  

Seasonal and Local


Tumbleweed Farms supplies us with the freshest greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and other seasonal vegetables from thier farm in the Upper Valley.  Click the link below to see their website or follow Andrea on her Instagram page @andreabemis 

OUr signature Sauces and Dry Rub

Sweet or Spicy


Do you like it sweet or a little spicy??  Want to take some home with your or send as a gift?  We offer our signature BBQ sauces for sale in our restaurant and Country Store or you can order online too.  Just $6.00 each

BBQ Gift Box


We have the perfect gift for the BBQ lover... one of each of our signature sauces and a tin of our Dry Rub.  Pick one up at the restaurant, in our store or online for just $17.00

Dry Rub


We use our custom blend of spices to season all of our smoked meats, now you can too!  Just $5.00 each 

Pick one up in the restaurant, at our Country Store on online